The Rubik’s Cube and what it is telling us.

Imagine - you are the best Cube solver in the world.


Good. You, sitting comfortably but blind-folded, get the cube with the task to solve it. No problem, you are the best, BUT it's just 4,3 x 10^19 combinations of moves. Without any further information, it will take you around 685 billion years....quite guaranteed that you'd not have anybody to celebrate with if you solve it even a bit earlier.

Not good?

Ok, then let's adjust and get the correctness of each your move confirmed by a skilled stander (let's call him advisor :). And wow - the solution, depending on the quality of the stander - will be reached in about 10-15 minutes. The cube solved, but actually you were completely depending on the guy standing around you. And each his Yes or No cost you some $$$.

Still not good?

Ok, then let's adjust so that you will -just for 10 secs- be allowed to see how the cube looks like before you start to solve it. Then -again blind-folded- you'll, as the best in the world, get it in 21 SECONDS!!!


I think DEFINITELY YES. One holistic view on the structure combined with the knowledge about how the cube operates, supported by great tools (genial head combined with quick hands) brings improvement from ∞ to 21sec!!!


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